Yadoya Sanan Vacation House limited to 1 group

There is a vacation house "SANAN", limited to one pair per day, in a quiet residential area of ​​Kyoto where relaxed time of ancient times flows. ABOUT THE ROOMS

Yadoya Sanan A genuine antique and cute furniture ordered from Europe and Asia, a feature carefully decorated to the detail, is definitely "I do not want to return". ABOUT THE ROOMS

Yadoya Sanan There is no space where there is no hand, and the interior that sticks to every detail, as if it were a movie location studio, we will bring customers to the other world. ABOUT THE ROOMS

Yadoya Sanan There is champagne glasses and wine glasses in the kitchen. Please bring only your favorite beverage and have a pleasant evening. ABOUT THE ROOMS

Yadoya Sanan The warm yellow light resembles the traditional European street corner lights with a sentimental air as of going out to meet friends. ABOUT THE ROOMS

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